What we offer

The Resources to Dream Incubator
An Affordable gateway for prospective local non-profits organizations to begin their journey in an individualized learning & development sector that has been create to serve RTD client/participants. The NPO’s that will be selected, will have agreed to support their own causes that relates to their mission and goals to also be able to service RTD clients/participants. This is where RTD will establish an umbrella system with our partners to anchor the community stake holders needs.

1. Resources to Dream: Incubator Program

Clients/participants will be offered the following;

STEP 1:  Application Process

STEP 2: Accountibility Contengency Contract
Skill Set Consultation
STEP 3: 12-Month Metomorphic Change Process Begins
Personal/Professional Development & Coaching
Vision Building Coaching
 Banking & Accounting
Branding & Marketing
Fundraising Opportunities
501 c-3 Application Support


a non-disclosure agreement has been assigned to this program

2. Evoking Change Community & "Social Club" 

This is where our professionals go to build.  We do not believe in the old model of networking and dues without benefits.  We get it that you want to grow economically.  Thus, how can one make change without learning about there individual markets and learning how to remain confident in this competitive world from a positive tight but right perspective.   RTD professionals learn about upcoming techniques that will sustain ones’ professional development, easing one away from the entertainment aspect of free enterprise, and taking you out of the equation where the word fear has been the center focus regarding your supossed set backs.  We work on those set backs to set you up to prosper   We can create a sustainable social change that is attainable on so many levels by learning from one another. 

Your membership includes;
small seminars, parties, special rates on conferences & booth oppertunities, Leadership luncheons, professional development and coaching


Opening Rate for new members $30

3.Guidance by Grace
A judgment free zone to learn about different religious belief systems that assume to have correlating values of what real Christ likeness looks like from a believer’s point of view.  We will do this by teaching you how to enable an awareness of faith that revolves around moral values that have been researched in the bible that will support your growth, and build accountability factors which will enhance ones’ actives of daily living.

4. Primetime Bullying Awareness Advocacy & Support
Teaching our community stakeholders about cause and effect theory concerning the divesting affects of bullying by conducting PSA’s at schools and community centers.  Followed by studying emotions through the creation of art that will tell a story.  Beauty and pain are in the eye of the beholder concerning those who choose to understand.


5. Team Parenting to Make a Difference
Parent involvement at it’s greatest, providing services activities for families that have relatives with inabilities.  We achieve this by employing next best practices from current research.  Our parents work side by side with coaches to aid in creating programs that work to decrease and increase change. 

Our coaches
also aim at supporting parents with issues of life with different concepts concerning parenting;
Sheltering Constant Supervision and Micromanagement
  Prevention of Taking Responsibility
 Excessive Catering and Over-Consoling
 Controlling of the Social Sphere
 Excessive Caution
 Creating Dependency Efforts

  • Primetime Bullying Awareness PSA: Neuse Charter School
    An age appropriate learning tool employed to get results that we need to educate our children and teachers concerning the many affects of bullying grades k-4, 5-8 and 9-12.
  • Wine on Main Information Session
    Supporting small business by conducting quarterly information session with community stake holders in the Town of Clayton NC
  • Evoking Change Commuity : The Behavior of Business
    Learn with patrons of trade about breaking into there industries and what it takes to be an effective professional and entrepreneur
  • Evoking Change Community Social Club Evening Event
    We have vendor opportunities!
  • Cooper Academy Hygiene Supply Drive
    Donation made to Cooper Academy; we bridge the gap by supplying  school's with hygiene supplies to increase motivation that teachers need in their classrooms to stimulate good behavior.
  • Town of Clayton Harvest Festival
    Spreading the word about our cause.  Never invest in anything you can not learn about.
  • Breaking Bread at the Evoking Change Community Table
    Enter act be engaged and lets learn how to be effective community stake holders!
  • Evoking Change Community Social Club Evening Events!
  • Gift Donation Awarded to The Neuse Charter School
    Our programs and services like the RTD Incubator aids in providing needs for children.